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Discover Akasious, your go-to for expert medical and pharmaceutical writing services. From medical and health articles to drug promotional materials, I deliver quality and precision.

At Akasious, we believe in the power of communication. Our mission is to bridge the gap between the medical and pharmaceutical industries and their audiences, whether they are professionals, patients, or the general public. We strive to provide writing that is not only scientifically accurate but also clear, understandable, and engaging.

Whether you’re a medical professional looking for a reliable partner to handle your writing needs, a pharmaceutical company in search of accurate and effective content, or someone interested in the medical and pharmaceutical field, Akasious is here to help.

Pharmaceutical Product Descriptions

Been writing pharmaceutical product descriptions for various clients and companies. I have also written thousands of pharmaceutical product descriptions for retail and online pharmacies which decided to go online after COVID.

Medical Marketing Collateral

Skilled in developing marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, and sales aids that effectively communicate the value and differentiation of medical products to healthcare professionals and patients.

Clinical Trial Recruitment Materials

Creating persuasive copy for clinical trial recruitment, including patient brochures, study websites, and online advertisements.

Patient Education Materials

Proficiency in crafting patient-centric content, such as pamphlets, leaflets, and digital resources that educate and inform patients about diseases, treatment options, and medication adherence.

Healthcare Professional Communication

Experienced in developing communication materials for healthcare professionals, such as educational resources, detail aids, and presentations that effectively convey complex medical information.

Website Content

Website Content

Creating engaging and informative website content for pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, and medical organizations, ensuring it is optimized for search engines and user-friendly.

Thought Leadership Articles

Thought-provoking and insightful articles on pharmaceutical and medical topics, as an expert in the field. Count on me if you are seeking industry expertise.

Regulatory Compliance Content:

Knowledgeable about regulatory requirements and providing content that helps pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions adhere to legal and ethical guidelines, such as patient consent forms and regulatory submission documents.

Medical Device Copywriting

Writing persuasive and informative content for medical device companies, including product descriptions, user manuals, and marketing materials.

Editing and Proofreading

Website Content

Offering services as an editor and proofreader, ensuring accuracy, clarity, and consistency in pharmaceutical and medical content, including scientific papers, manuscripts, and regulatory documents.

Why Work With Akasious

Get high Quality Regulatory Compliant Marketing & Branding Content

  • Save your time and let me leverage my expertise to help you with content strategy, creation, and execution.

Get High Quality Medical Writing Consultancy Online

  • Get content, budget, and team building, and team management services under the supervision of an experienced medical communications consultant.

Save Your Time & Reduce Risk Percentage

  • Grow with us by getting market analysis, strategy, and consultancy in one place. It saves you time. Our professional medical communications consultancy support prevents unprecedented loss of your precious time and money. With us, your growth is obvious.

I Wish To Work With You

Over the years I have worked with the following

  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Healthcare Organizations
  • Medical Supplies Companies
  • Medical Device Companies
  • Medical Universities
  • Cosmeceutical and dermatology companies
  • Raw Material Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Laboratories, clinics, and research centres
  • Online Pharmacies and courses

Areas Of Experties

I have experience in these areas of expertise


  • Medico Marketing & Pharma Copywriting

  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices

  • Precision Medicine and AI in healthcare

  • Medical Cannabis & Psychedelics

  • Dermatology & Skincare Writing

  • Continued Medical Education

  • Patient Education Writing

How Does It Work With Akasious?

  1. First thing first we will have an Introductory MeetingI wish to know you and your needs.
  2. Moving forward if we both are interested in working together we will discuss things further to understand your problems.
  3. I will share solutions after analysis and research (if needed) within a prescribed period of time given the time available at your end.
  4. If my solutions and ideas appeal to you, we will look forward to sealing a deal.
  5. If we both agree on a deal over a virtual meeting we will start working immediately.
  6. We can have weekly or monthly meetings depending on the nature of the work. Don’t worry, keeping you posted about progress and updates is my work ethic.
  7. Closing the deal and final virtual meeting after the completion of work.
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