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Pharmaceutical Copywriting : Its Types And Role Of A Pharmaceutical Copywriter In Pharma Marketing

Copywriting is not a uniform art. While digital companies may be accustomed to changing tone and style with specific brand requirements, the medical industry has a very different writing culture. One such type is pharmaceutical copywriting. 

It can be used to produce a marketing project and build a brand image that, in turn, can influence consumers’ purchasing habits worldwide. Copywriting is much more than just words; it is also about knowing and comprehending your target audience so you can deliver the message they want to hear. Continue reading to learn more about this category of the medical writing niche.

What is Pharmaceutical Copywriting?

Pharmaceutical copywriting is a niche based on creating innovative and unique ways of delivering relevant and important information regarding a pharmaceutical product. This writing type provides the readers with all the necessary information they need to know regarding medicine and what purpose it serves.

All branding for pharmaceutical products should adhere to their strict regulatory requirements because they are heavily controlled.

Pharmaceutical copywriting helps workers connect with their clientele to create high-quality text that portrays them as experts in their respective industries. The clientele for pharmaceutical copywriting can be based anywhere from science firms, pharma firms, healthcare systems, and clinics to practices.

Types of Pharma Copywriting

Pharmaceutical advertising requires language that doctors are accustomed to hearing and deftly bridging the gap between common sense and scientific knowledge. Some varieties of pharmaceutical copywriting are described below.



1. Video Scripts in Pharma Copywriting

The widely used internet video forum can be a great tool to engage viewers and advertise a pharmaceutical product. Your video will necessitate crisp pharmaceutical video script copywriting that communicates your message succinctly, imaginatively, and organically if you want viewers to become interested in knowing more about the drug.

One of the most popular forms of pharmaceutical marketing is writing promotional pharmaceutical video scripts. Your important points can be condensed into a concise, slick screenplay, allowing you to present incredibly powerful visual content that will likely captivate viewers online.

Give them a walkthrough of the pharmacy, including the waiting areas; point out the sunscreen and analgesics, or explain how to utilize an inhaler correctly. Vlogs are just as easy to find on YouTube as articles are on Google.

Google owns YouTube; thus, videos can frequently be found in search engine results when it makes sense. How-To videos for medicine have a significant void in the market that pharmacists may easily fill to draw attention to their stores and products.

2. Blog Posts

Most people consider blogging to be informal and mostly comprising teenagers keeping journals, amateurs taking pictures, and pundits chatting. However, blogs saturate the internet with information users want to view.

It is the newspaper of the Web. Due to the low usage of blogs on community pharmacy web pages, landing on the homepage is simple for pharmacies. Pharmacy blog posts are a very common type of pharmaceutical copywriting.

Acknowledging what a “blog” is about; It is necessary before comprehending why a pharmaceutical blog is crucial. Weblog, as in logging the web, is the origin of the word blog.

Simply said, the internet is a vast network of interconnected pieces of information. Blogging, often known as web logging, is the practice of publishing content online.

Therefore, blogging actually produces pharmaceutical and educational resources that users can access online. It is essential to comprehend a certain idea. Considering that is why individuals access the internet, for example, to look up a phrase’s definition, figure out the cause of their headache, and so forth.

It is all accessing information that has already been logged by someone else. This is significant because unavailable information is not accessible.

Most entries on pharmaceutical blogs emphasize symptoms to watch out for, the root causes of health issues, and suggested treatments. Keep in mind that individuals are searching online for solutions and guidance.

The temptation for businesses is to sell themselves exclusively, talking about their services and positioning themselves as service suppliers. However, keep in mind that someone experiencing difficulty is reading your post. Address your audience’s issues and trouble spots.

Let them recognize that you are aware of their issue and that you are the one best suited to find a solution. If your pharmaceutical blog is done right, the material you share will show how your service assists the reader in resolving their issue.

3. Long Form Articles

Among the finest strategies to launch a pharmaceutical blog is to write extensive content. Before addressing the discrepancy between long and short content, let’s deal with the fundamentals.

What are long-form articles?

It is terminology from journalism used to describe lengthy pieces with a lot of information. It may refer to extensive content that exceeds 1000 words in the context of pharmaceutical marketing.

Many marketers believe that long-form content should begin at roughly 2000 words. With long-form pharmaceutical literature, the aim is often to provide a thorough analysis of the subject rather than aiming for a word count.

In the clutter of the web, how do they attract the reader’s attention? People still enjoy reading, despite popular belief.

Even on their smartphones, people are reading extensive information. They seek out comprehensive medical publications that answer all of their inquiries about a topic in one spot.

4. Product Descriptions

Now, coming to the final and also an important category of pharmaceutical copywriting, product descriptions. Before making a purchase, most consumers or users of various medicinal items read the product specifications. For some buyers, it is the only means to get information about the pharmaceutical products you are selling.

On online forums, companies provide comprehensive information about medications. As a result, pharmaceutical product descriptions are crucial in providing information about pharma products to customers and retailers alike.

Its major objective is to give clients information about the characteristics of the medication they intend to buy. As most individuals buy products to meet their wants, it typically gives information on how a specific drug can meet customers’ needs.

Do not repeat your manufacturer’s specifications; instead, give engaging product details. Make a statement that best reflects the preferences of your customers.

Most of the time, certain manufacturer-provided data may be unrelated to the product description. Make sure to give a solid narrative that is plenty of thought.

This will not only connect to a large number of clients, but it will also substantially aid you in comprehending their interests and preferences. For instance, discuss how your item has successfully removed some problems consumers are experiencing.

5. How is Pharmaceutical Copywriting Different from Copywriting in General?

Writing for the pharmaceutical industry and copywriting, in general, do have some similarities. They both care about keeping in touch with customers and frequently simplify complex ideas so laypersons can grasp them.

Nevertheless, every writer needs to be aware of the vast differences between these two abilities. Listed below are some aspects where pharmaceutical writing differs from copywriting in general.

  • Statistics

Compared to conventional copywriting, pharmaceutical writing is far more data-driven. A pharmaceutical copywriter’s main responsibility is interacting with customers and purchasers using research data. Additionally, they will ensure that no writing conveys information incorrectly or deceptively.

  • Reduced Persuasion

Persuasion plays a role in pharmaceutical writing, but not in the same way it does in general copywriting. Conventional Copywriters frequently employ writing techniques that influence and lead readers to part with their money because they are mainly concerned with advertising and moving products.

The goal of pharmaceutical copywriters is to educate rather than sell; they nonetheless want readers to purchase prescriptions or enquire about procedures. In pharmaceutical copywriting, the goal is to persuade readers of a product’s superiority or suitability for their needs.

Pharmaceutical copywriting occasionally focuses solely on informing patients of the advantages. Many advertisements and product inserts simply state a specific drug or procedure’s performance without persuading the viewer to buy it.

  • Less Artistic

Since copywriters are free to present facts in distinctive and imaginative ways, copywriting is occasionally referred to as creative writing. 

While some creativity is used in pharmaceutical writing to make treatments more acceptable to patients, these writers are frequently more focused on clearly articulating the claims of the prescription or treatment and ensuring that the advantages are communicated to the appropriate patients.

  • Agencies

Nearly all copywriters are employed by marketing agencies and are given jobs for various companies. Different businesses may employ them, but the majority are found to be associated with a marketing firm where they collaborate with other creatives.

Pharmacies, hospitals, and pharmaceutical development firms are the most typical employers of pharmaceutical copywriters. Even though their employment is officially in the marketing industry, they hardly ever work for marketing firms.

  • Laws and Moral Standards

Pharmaceutical copywriters have a lot more legal and ethical considerations than general copywriters. As previously mentioned, general copywriters have a variety of creative ways to twist ideas, assertions, and products. They have much more creative flexibility even though regulations prohibit them from distorting the truth excessively.

Pharmaceutical copywriters must ensure all information is precise to the last detail. For instance, making false claims that therapy is appropriate for particular demographics could lead to legal action or injury if the medication is used. With healthcare literature, accuracy and care for detail are even more crucial.

  • Resembles Technical Writing

Pharmaceutical copywriting is similar to specialist technical writing. Pharmaceutical copywriting demands technical elements in every assignment, but general copywriting may simply deal with lesser technicality and more creativity.

Pharmaceutical writing is associated with extracting the specifics from research and making them accessible to customers in everything from the tiniest leaflet to the biggest book. Despite certain differences, pharmaceutical copywriting is far more akin to technical writing than general copywriting.

That is because pharmaceutical copywriting focuses on conveying medical information and ensuring that customers understand how a treatment or procedure will benefit them. Both are interested in customer communication, but they approach it very differently.

Opportunities for Pharma copywriters

You can produce marketing materials to promote your medications, life science treatments, and medical equipment with the assistance of a qualified pharmaceutical copywriter. Most medications, IVDs, medical devices, and other things related to the life sciences need an explanation.

Consequently, education plays a significant role in healthcare marketing. Medical device manufacturers must explain why they created a particular product, what makes it special, how it functions, and why it is a wise option for patients.

The work of a pharmaceutical copywriter involves a variety of tasks. Make sure you have the credentials before applying for any pharmaceutical copywriting positions, whether full- or part-time.

These prerequisites may include a marketing degree, a PharmD, some experience writing advertising, or equivalent credentials. Numerous of these positions are offered online.

Job postings for freelance pharmaceutical copywriters can be found on several web communities. An individual with expertise can use job listings and freelance platforms to find the precise occupation they are seeking for.

Do Pharma Companies prefer Pharmacists for Pharma Copywriting?

Yes, any pharmaceutical firm that wants to have effective selling brochures needs to hire a skilled pharmaceutical copywriter who knows how to strike a balance between conveying something technical and delivering a compelling story.

The copywriter can comprehend technical ideas and turn them into text that interests your audience. For their clientele in the pharmaceutical industry, they put their abilities and experience as marketing strategists and pharmaceutical copywriters to use. 

In general, any medicinal degree holder can pursue a career in pharmaceutical copywriting. However, the only condition is that the applicant is familiar with the ins and outs of copywriting.

Through insightful extended content and pharmaceutical copywriting that appeals to their targeted personas at each level of the pyramid, they assist them in attracting and converting more ideal consumers.

Wrap Up

The pharmaceutical sector’s value stream is rapidly going through significant changes. This indicates that several suppliers provide various goods and services to customers.

Key actors in the league’s connections are always evolving. As a result of the never-ending stream of fresh product offerings that need to be articulated, there are continuously new chances for you to assist one pharmaceutical business in selling to another.

There are few professional copywriters working in the pharmaceutical industry, and the field is not precisely a straightforward thing to understand. This can be the market for you if you are attempting to invoice significant amounts of money to enterprises with enormous financial resources. If you put effort into knowing the business, you can have a distinctive selling point.

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