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16 Reasons Why You Should Go For Freelance Pharma Copywriting After PharmD

If you’re a talented and ambitious pharmacist considering a writing career, you might be wondering if copywriting is a rewarding and secure profession. Stop stressing out; I’m here to tell you all the reasons why you should consider a career in pharma copywriting instead of pharmacy after completing your PharmD.

Pharma copywriters are in greater demand than ever, thanks to the growth of e-commerce and online marketing.

It also has a lower entry hurdle than other professions, making it the perfect choice for someone who has recently graduated and is now looking for a job to support themselves.


Can be a lucrative career for pharmacists, and it will likely remain reliable and thriving.

The pharmaceutical industry is one that is constantly evolving and expanding, and with this growth comes a multitude of career opportunities. One such opportunity that often goes overlooked is pharmaceutical copywriting. 

About three years ago with a PharmD under my belt and three published books, I was often questioning how to make the most of my degree and where to focus my career. Of course, for someone like me writing was a passion and Pharmacy was a profession and something that could do justice to both was Pharma copywriting.

Even if you have not written any creative piece ever but you have good attention to detail and looking for a career from home Pharma copywriting can be for you.

Over the years I can now give you some very strong reasons to go for pharma Copywriting and in this blog post, I will discuss 16 compelling reasons why you should consider pursuing a career in pharma copywriting.

So, without further ado, let’s look at 16 reasons why a job as a pharma copywriter is a wise choice for you!

1. Utilize Your Pharma Knowledge

With a PharmD, you have spent years acquiring in-depth knowledge of pharmacology, therapeutics, and drug interactions. This specialized education makes you uniquely qualified to work as a pharma copywriter.

You’ll be able to accurately and effectively communicate complex drug information to healthcare professionals, patients, and other stakeholders in a way that a general copywriter simply cannot.

2. Bridge the Gap Between Science and Communication

Pharma copywriters play an essential role in bridging the gap between scientific research and the general public. By translating complex, technical jargon into clear, concise, and engaging content, you’ll help to ensure that important pharmaceutical information is accessible and easily understood by a wide range of audiences. This not only benefits the pharmaceutical company but also improves public health and patient outcomes.

3. Diverse Writing Opportunities

Pharma copywriting offers an extensive range of writing opportunities. You will find yourself working on anything from patient education materials, marketing collateral, and sales aids to medical news articles, white papers, and continuing education content. This variety ensures that your work will always be engaging and allows you to continually expand your skillset.

4. High Demand for Specialists

There is a constant demand for skilled pharma copywriters, as the pharmaceutical industry is ever-growing and requires a constant stream of high-quality content. Your PharmD education gives you a significant advantage over general copywriters, as you possess the specialized knowledge necessary to create accurate and relevant content. This demand translates into numerous job opportunities and a stable, rewarding career.

5. Competitive Salaries and Benefits

Pharma copywriting is a highly specialized field, and with that comes competitive salaries and benefit packages. While compensation can vary depending on factors such as experience, location, and the size of the company, pharma copywriters generally enjoy above-average pay and comprehensive benefits. This financial security can provide you with a comfortable lifestyle and peace of mind for your future.

6. Opportunities for Growth and Advancement

As a pharma copywriter, you’ll have ample opportunities to grow and advance in your career. By gaining experience and further honing your skills, you may be able to move into senior copywriting positions, become a team leader, or even transition into a medical writing or medical affairs role. The pharmaceutical industry is vast, and there are countless directions in which your career can take you.

7. Remote and Flexible Work Opportunities

The nature of copywriting lends itself well to remote and flexible work opportunities. Many pharmaceutical companies and agencies offer remote positions, allowing you to work from the comfort of your own home or even while traveling the world. This flexibility can lead to a better work-life balance, allowing you to pursue personal interests and hobbies alongside your professional career.

8. Make a Positive Impact on Public Health

By pursuing a career in pharma copywriting, you’ll have the chance to make a real difference in the lives of patients and healthcare professionals. Through your writing, you’ll be able to convey essential drug information, educate the public about new treatment options, and ultimately contribute to improving healthcare outcomes. This sense of purpose and fulfillment can be incredibly rewarding and motivating.

9. The Ever Growing Demand for Copywriters

Copywriting has existed for a long time. However, the internet’s pervasiveness pushed the sector into overdrive.

Copywriters are no longer just part of marketing departments of businesses or ad agencies. Pharma content writers are in high demand due to the proliferation of e-commerce companies and the shift to digital marketing settings.

You have numerous options because every company in every industry requires a copywriter. Multiple pharmaceutical companies with large budgets recruit copywriters to create advertisements, sales pages, emails, site content, and other types of content.

10. All Pharmaceutical Businesses need a Good Pharmaceutical Copywriter

Pharma copywriting is recession-proof because every company requires it. While some firms might think they can handle the writing independently, they frequently discover that they need the assistance of a qualified expert copywriter for their advertisement. 

For instance, even if a company has a website and excellent therapeutic products, it will only succeed if its customers know about its existence. A pharmaceutical brand can only successfully target the correct demographic and convert them into customers if its message is tailored to its target audience.

As a potential pharmaceutical copywriter in the future, you now have an opportunity to use these points to your benefit. There are many copywriters who are knowledgeable in a specific niche, which lowers the level of competition for projects in your area of expertise which is pharmaceuticals.

The best part of being a pharmaceutical copywriter is that your job will appear simple because you will not have to conduct as much research as a novice due to your knowledge of medicine.

For instance, you may adore animals and be an expert in veterinary medicine. Well, veterinary medication companies also require copywriters.

Pharma copywriters will never be entirely replaced by artificial intelligence. Given that in today’s era, and for the foreseeable, sympathetic, engaging,  and thought-provoking writing are a crucial component of any pharma brand.

Copywriting is the most important thing to focus on before anything else, including advertising, marketing, design, and even optimizing the content of your website. 

These other departments are able to function properly with the assistance of a content writer who establishes the messaging that underpins the company, the medicinal product, the promotion, and the advertising material that is necessary for them to successfully carry out their responsibilities. 

Every pharmaceutical company, regardless of size, requires a copywriter. If they want to sell products online or offline, even with distinct budgets, demands, and criteria, they all need a copywriter that focuses on their sector.

There are opportunities for pharma copywriters worldwide if you put in the effort, get creative, develop your resources, and become an expert copywriter.

11. You are Your Boss

Copywriting can be undertaken as a contractor or freelancer, even if some copywriters are theoretically employees because they work for a pharma company or an organisation. Your time is yours when you work as a freelancer or contractor. 

Do you like working early in the day, or are you a night owl who gets creative when everyone else is sleeping? Freelance and contract roles offer that freedom. Although there is a timeframe and you have agreed on the project and prices, you are free to work at your preferred pace.

12. Copywriting Never Ages

Storytelling, one of the most effective and ancient communication techniques globally, is used in copywriting. 

Even though having the entire town gathered around a bonfire beneath a starry night sky or losing yourself in a book so wholly that you miss your rail station are more ideal situations, being a pharma copywriter is not entirely on par with either of those. 

However, you can incorporate storytelling into your work as a pharmaceutical copywriter. A tale can be uncovered in every piece of literature, whether it is a lengthy sales page, a brief welcome email, a well-written social media post for a drug, or a case analysis on a pharmaceutical product.

You have been tasked with putting a pharmaceutical company’s perspective into words and telling its story in the most persuading, engaging, and captivating way possible. When considered, this is a tremendous skill since you can sway and direct your reader toward a desired sentiment and action. 

However, as a writer, this is when you have the authority and duty to deliver inspiring and valuable narratives. Does your audience worry about the statement? 

Will it uplift them, enhance their quality of life, boost their self-esteem, ease their suffering, or benefit humanity? You are a modern-day writer who can make a good influence in various ways and lengths when you work as a copywriter.

13. AI can't replace copywriters

As we discussed earlier, numerous occupations are being replaced by AI. Many people are concerned about artificial intelligence overtaking workers, but a copywriter will not be one of them. 

There is a lot of behavioral and purchasing psychology involved in copywriting which requires the necessary research. Yes, tech companies assert that artificial intelligence can write emails and advertisements but who will ensure if that content is effective?

Who is going to do the research and see what changes should be done to an AI-generated copy to make it effective? Of course, this is a copywriter’s job to ensure that.

Not to mention only copywriters can do the best prompt engineering for AI to get the best results. It is also a copywriter’s job to handle large volumes of content files for an organization or a company. For example as a Pharma copywriter, I am generating, editing, and formatting hundreds of product description files at my medical supplies company and clients.
AI technologies can be used to enhance speed and improve or edit writing, but they cannot entirely substitute for a professional copywriter.

The CEO of any company and even their assistant do not have the time and the expertise to read, edit, and format AI-generated content; I know this because I deal with a lot of AI-generated content every day and interact frequently with the CEOs and founders of pharma companies and content agencies. They don’t have time to spend hours ensuring the content is right and impactful. It is of course a professional copywriter’s job. 

No matter how advanced AI becomes, pharmaceutical companies will always require the services of a professional copywriter to ensure quality and meet deadlines.

Copywriting requires a human touch because it is both a craft and a science. The best copywriters are naturally empathic and adept at pinpointing a customer’s pain points to persuade them to purchase a good or service. Businesses know that AI cannot accomplish that and will continue to pay for the real stuff.

14. Low Entry Barrier

Although pharma copywriting can become a six-figure profession, not all copywriters start with that much money. Some copywriters want to work fewer hours so they may travel or spend more time with their families. 

Others passionate about specific niches may take on smaller, less demanding tasks. The salary can vary greatly, but it is an easy and direct path to achieving financial independence. 

You can become a high-earning pharmaceutical copywriter if you work hard and find potential clients. You can spend the first half of the year travelling while the second is working on some well-paying enterprises. You have the right to work on enjoyable tasks, even if doing so results in a lower salary.

15. Set up your own pharma copywriting business

You can be a remote employee of a pharma company as a Pharmaceutical copywriter or you can choose to run your own business with a team of skilled people as you grow in Pharmaceutical copywriting.

I chose the latter.

Although I work part-time with a medical supplies company as a Medical Copywriter rest of the day I take care of my freelance Medical Writing business with a team of skilled individuals.

I make more money with my business than what I make at the company and I am grateful for both. Within one year I scaled my independent business from $100  to more than $3000 and it is only increasing every day.

Like me, many people love to travel, but due to restricted funds and only receiving one or two weeks of paid vacation annually, they cannot fulfil their dreams. You may have the cash and free time to vacation as often as you like if you engage in your pharmaceutical writing abilities, develop a copywriting portfolio, and work hard to attract excellent clients. 

There is no need to request time off in advance and wait for approval because you choose your timetable. You can proceed if you own a laptop and have an internet connection. 

Even though numerous freelance and online businesses exist today that permit this kind of mobile freedom, pharmaceutical copywriting has an additional advantage. You are not required to answer calls all day long. Your work can be produced without complex software. 

Since the things we provide are just words, you do not need a quick upload or download speed. For example, it is a little different for illustrators, developers, and video editors as they frequently cannot operate as efficiently on a little 13-inch display in a cafe booth where the internet connection is suspect.

16. Pharma Copywriting is Very Lucrative

Pharmaceutical content writing is a profitable profession. Some businesses are commencing with a modest budget, like any other market. There are medium-sized companies that have a more substantial track record. Major corporations with many different verticals need more copywriting assistance.

The more knowledgeable and skilled you are in the pharmaceutical industry, the higher you can demand. The more you can demonstrate that you can converse in the audience’s language and understand the client’s pain points, the more you can charge.

One of the most common fallacies regarding pharmaceutical copywriting is that the content consumes most of our time, which is factually incorrect. The study and embodiment of the client’s medicinal product and customer persona make up half of copywriting. 

As a writer, you aid your client in forging a connection with their clients. Your text has a greater chance of converting into a deal and bringing in more money if you are more knowledgeable and skilled in this area. Given this, the top copywriters in the pharma industry can demand high fees.

Final Takeaway

You can pick the clientele you would like to work with and the subjects you write about when working as a pharma copywriter. Not only will your job give you happiness, but it will also improve your copywriting skills. 

Your work will reflect your enthusiasm and commitment, producing better client gains. If all of this appeals to you, you should pursue a colourful career in pharma copywriting.  There is no time more significant than this. 

In summary, a career in pharma copywriting offers numerous advantages, particularly for those with a PharmD degree.

If you are a pharma company or client looking for my Pharmaceutical copywriting services, please get in touch with your very own pharmaceutical copywriter Akasious and see how your business grows!

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