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How to Write a Good Video Script Copy for Pharma Marketing?

Write a Good video script copy for Pharma Marketing. Videos will not disappear any time soon. If anything, they will continue to grow and improve. Businesses use videos to connect with their target demographics and stand out in the flood of written material. 

You are undoubtedly on the ideal journey to prosperity if you are a pharma marketer willing to unlock the potential of multimedia to improve SEO and enhance revenues and retention rates. 

However, you must first invest the time to write a compelling video script for your pharmaceutical business before you consider video production, graphics, or cinematography. 

Every effective video marketing strategy is built upon a solid pharma video script. You may keep people interested with a strong narrative, even with mediocre aesthetics.

Now, making a video for pharma marketing is more complicated than writing a blog. Planning ahead, a gripping narrative, eye-catching images, appropriate music, and, most importantly, a strong script are requirements for creating videos. 

So, rather than worrying about video production and creation, let’s first concentrate on writing a compelling narrative to attract viewers’ attention.  

My experience as a medical and pharmaceutical writer has allowed me to help institutions like medical schools, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies find novel ways to present creative scripts for otherwise dry subject matter.

The Pharma video script involves pharma copywriting techniques and guidelines. If you are not familiar with Pharma copywriting yet, please check out my blog on Pharma copywriting basics. 

This post is written for aspiring pharma copywriters as well as pharmaceutical marketers who are having trouble finding the right people to script their videos.

Let’s dive in!

Suggestions for Writing Good Pharma Video Scripts

We’ve all watched videos that gripped us and made us feel things. The script is the one aspect of all such videos and unites them.

A case study, essay, or eBook authoring differs considerably from writing video scripts. There is no absolute prescription for success, but the following guidelines will enable you to produce the ideal pharma video script for your advertising or brand campaign.

Decide your Video Goals

It is well known that when you undertake a task with a specific goal, you are inclined to do a great job at it; the same applies to making videos. Choosing the video’s purpose comes first.

 You may use video marketing to assist you in accomplishing various objectives, from raising customer awareness regarding a drug and informing them to establishing trust and boosting sales. To determine the purpose of your video, think about asking yourself the following key questions:

  • Who is your target demographic? 
  • What phase of the selling process does the video serve?
  • What feelings do you hope to arouse?
  • What do you hope the audience will learn from it?
  • Do you want viewers to do something after watching your video?
  • Why is this video worth watching?
  • Do you want to increase engagement or accomplish commercial objectives like making sales or producing leads?

Having the answers to these concerns will enable you to establish a certain objective or purpose that serves as the basis of an efficient video marketing plan.

Choose the Video Genre

You can now choose the kind of video you would like to make. Concerning pharma video screenwriting, editing, producing, and treatment, each style necessitates a different strategy. Let’s examine the five primary categories of marketing videos.

Business video

A. Business Videos

In brand films, you explain to the audience what your pharma business stands for and provide them with information about your vision, core principles, and corporate culture. The purpose of these videos is to spread awareness and engage as many viewers as possible.

Health Content Writing

B. Explanatory Videos

Explanatory videos range from 30-90 seconds and are designed to provide a concise and understandable explanation of an idea, item, problem, or phenomenon. Usually, these videos increase credibility and authority and inform users about new medicines.

Live Videos

C. Live Videos

The whole point of live videos is to provide your audience with a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes action. They are intended to be imperfect to foster a genuine connection with the audience. Live videos are not only fascinating but also very economical.

Pharmaceutical Product Demos

D. Pharmaceutical Product Demos

Videos of pharmaceutical product demos are used to show precisely how the drug works. These are instructive and educational, designed to teach viewers how to consume a medicine and highlight its features and advantages.

Scientific Writing

E. Client Testimonials

Using video testimonials from your pleased customers to discuss their good interactions and experience with your company is among the most powerful ways to demonstrate social validation and influence purchasing decisions. Credibility is powerfully increased in this way.

Make an Outline and Storyboard for the Video

Crafting a video script must start with a thorough outline, just like writing any other material. An outline offers direction, guarantees a logical sequence of events, and aids in your focus. 

You can better clarify your thoughts and opinions by completing this activity. Make a list of the topics you wish to discuss in the video. 

After that has been written out, arrange it such that the events flow naturally and logically. Outlining is insufficient while producing a video. Creating a storyboard before you begin writing the script is crucial. 

Either employ storyboarding software or draw it out on paper. Annotating each scene with information like cuts, dialogues, and directional comments is crucial.

Start with a Captivating Bait

Given that people’s attention spans are getting shorter, you have won part of the battle if you can grab a viewer interested in your video within the initial few seconds. You can employ several hooks to draw the audience in, such as startling statistics, rhetorical questions, anecdotes, or jokes. Therefore, brainstorm and come up with ideas that are consistent with your point.

Use a Conversational Tone in your Videos

The last thing consumers want to see is a convoluted, jargon-filled video. You would not want the audience to lose interest midway through because of confusion. 

The finest videos are the ones that are created in a conversational style and are spoken by real people. They are simple to comprehend, watch, and consume because of this. 

Therefore, maintain a dialogue tone by employing simple phrases and straightforward language. When appropriate, attempt to utilize humor, ask questions and make the dialogue more interactive. This strategy will increase the relatability of your video and enable you to engage viewers and establish a relationship.

A Robust Conclusive Call-to-Action

Incorporating a CTA is beneficial since it communicates to the audience what is required of them, which is an efficient way to achieve your company’s objectives. Use verbs like click, register, subscribe, download, and purchase that are pertinent and encourage action. 

Strive to make it clear that the offer is time-limited and convey urgency to the reader. Your video’s ending is just as crucial as its beginning since it affects how viewers react.

Keep it Short

In general, shorter is preferable when it pertains to pharma videos. To prevent losing viewers, it is usually essential to make your pharma marketing films brief, concise, and to the point. 

It is preferable to use images to illustrate anything you see rather than explicitly writing them out in the script. However, always keep in mind that quality comes first. Nothing is more crucial than using the video to present a gripping and exciting story.

Take Note of the Pace

Think about watching a rushing video. By the time it is over, you discover you have learned nothing. 

Poor scripting and editing are the cause of these videos. When writing the pharma script, pay particular attention to whether the pace is appropriate. 

Is it consistent with the relevant images on the frame? It is crucial to maintain the correct pacing, pause when necessary, and give your audience time to process the idea you are attempting to get through. So, pay attention to the timing when using editing software

Read the Script out Aloud

There are times when something sounds different when spoken out aloud and written. You understand that the lines fall short of the meaning you were going for when you composed them. 

It is crucial to read the screenplay aloud after writing because of this. Make sure it sounds coherent and flows nicely as you read it aloud. 

This is your last quality check, so read your pharma screenplay aloud a few times, make edits, and eliminate the unnecessary and repetitive passages. In case you missed something, it is a beneficial practice to read the video script aloud to a third person and receive their opinion.

Wrap Up

With all the suggestions above, your video script is nearly finished now, and half the job is done. What is left now is producing the video and editing it. So, create an amazing video using your screenplay to give it life. Read More